Ugie Estate Plans

BLOT9. Shepherd, C. This series of plans of Strichen Estate (RHP 38059-38085, 1768-1776) is held by Aberdeenshire Library Services at Oldmeldrum. It is particularly informative for seeing the development of the planned ‘Mormond Village’ – now called Strichen. Also noteworthy are the large numbers of ‘water draughts’ designed to carry water to the fields for irrigation purposes. Many mosses still survived at this time and provided a resource-rich environment for local communities prior to their drainage and enclosure.

As with other series of plans shown on this site, these have been montaged together and, where the plans meet, slight discrepancies occur. It should be noted, however, that the quality of surveying was so high that the individual sheets fit the modern map almost perfectly. The two detached portions were also part of this estate at this time.