Deveron Estate Plans

This section contains drawings of estate plans held in various archives. Not all the detail present on the original plans has been copied. Some of the estate plans are available online at various archival websites; others can only be viewed at the archives. It is hoped that these transcriptions give a taste of the wealth of information preserved on the originals and may be useful for localised study purposes. ‘Zoom’ on the documents to enlarge.

BLOT8. Shepherd, C. A selection of estate plans from the River Deveron catchment. Some plans were made to show the individual fermtouns making up an estate, such as Gairnieston. These have been montaged together here so as to show the complete coverage of the plans across the estate. As the plans were originally surveyed and drawn as individual sheets, discrepancies exist along the boundaries. In order to create this montage, therefore, these alternative renderings have been ‘fudged’.