Strathbogie Estate Plans

This section contains drawings of estate plans held in various archives. Not all the detail present on the original plans has been copied. Some of the estate plans are available online at various archival websites; others can only be viewed at the archives. It is hoped that these transcriptions give a taste of the wealth of information preserved on the originals and may be useful for localised study purposes. ‘Zoom’ on the documents to enlarge. For best results, download BLOT3 first as it’s a complicated file and the data may take a long time to load!

BLOT3. Shepherd, C. A montage of all or most of the 18th-century estate plans surviving for the Lordship of Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire superimposed over a topographic plan of the area. Most of the estate plans were drawn to a high degree of accuracy at a large scale. However, some, especially relating to the Braes of Gartly, only exist in a less accurate form and drawn at a smaller scale. Most of the plans were transcribed many years ago from photocopies supplied by the National Archives of Scotland (NAS), now the National Records of Scotland (NRS). Some detail was obviously lost during the photocopying process and the originals varied in legibility.

BLOT4 Shepherd, C. A collection of estate plans from Strathbogie included in BLOT3. However, this collection contains extra detail relating to fieldnames and/or ecological details noted on the original.